MicroMaid (tm)

MicroMaid products are innovations in Micro fiber technology. All MicroMaid scrub products have 2 cloths in one, a smooth polishing side and a non-abrasive scrub side. Two products in one! All MicroMaid products have the patented Dr. BactyTM protection. This revolutionary process is incorporated into each product. Dr BactyTM protection means protection from mold, mildew, bacteria and other allergens (click here to learn more).

All MicroMaid products feature fast drying, non-clinging and environmentally safe properties. MicroMaid products are reusable, durable and machine washable. MicroMaid products are usable indoors and outdoors, cars, boats, RV’s, kitchens, baths, showers, golf club cleaning and much more.

Scrub Towel

Scrub Disc

Scrub Sponge

Scrub Mitt

Anti-bacterial qualities lab-tested
Ultra-Microfiber vs. Microfiber Ultra-Microfiber vs.
General Fiber

Approved by the North American Fishing Club and the North American Hunting Club

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