MasterVisionTM G2 Cap Light

Introducing the G2! Now weighs only one ounce with batteries. Compact, and engineered to withstand extreme conditions and use. The new MasterVisionTM Cap Light is powered by 2 lithium coin cell batteries for anywhere from 58 to 130 hours of ultra bright light from 3 LED bulbs with 100,000+ hours of burn time each. New 2-way switch, mode 1 has a center light, mode 2 has 3 ultra bright lights.Specifications:

Battery hours:
Mode 1 (center light) 118 – 130 hours
Mode 2 (all three lights) 58 – 70 hours
Attaches to any style brimmed cap for the most practical, hands-free light source available on Earth.
3 ultra bright Z-Powered LED’s by Seoul Semiconductor, Inc. (non replaceable)
Lightweight 1oz. With Batteries
2-Way push button on/off switch located underneath for easy access
Water resistant
Battery type: (2) 2032 Lithium Coin Cell

Note: All lithium coin cell batteries are marked on one side with a positive (+), the negative side has no markings

Item #311


A great multi-purpose light for around the home, in the garage or outdoors.
(Up to 130 -hour battery life)

Allows you to distinguish colors on a map or chart, and provide light that will not upset most animals.
(Up to 130 -hour battery life)

Can’t be seen as readily as a white light, but still gives off an excellent source of light. (Up to 130 -hour battery life)

Blacklight is great for night fishing with a flourescent line or for scorpion hunting.
 (Up to 130 -hour battery life)
Limited One Year Warranty: MasterVisionTM warrants to the original owner that the cap light is free from defects in parts and workmanship for one year from purchase date. Warranty information can be attained by contacting:
PO Box 337
N11254 Industrial Lane
Elcho, WI 54428

Exclusions: This warranty does not include any of the following: 1. Battery Exhaustion 2. Battery Leakage 3. Damage to or failure of the cap light or any component thereof due to alteration, misuse, over stressed clips or lack of maintenance.

North American Fishing Club and the North American Hunting Club

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