N-RITTM 5 LED Cap Light

The N-ritTM 5 LED Cap Light is our economy model. Lightweight, compact, and engineered to withstand extreme conditions and rugged use. Who says you can’t have style with a hands free Cap Light! Comes in a series of styles and colors for a variety of different uses.

5 Ultra Bright LEDs (non-replaceable)
Lightweight – only 1.24 ounces with batteries
Easy to use push button “on-off” switch
Water resistant
Bulbs have 100,000+ hours of burn time.
Battery type: (2) 2032 lithium coin cell
Also available in a two in one combination light: Two ultraviolet blacklights with three white lights (black casing only, Item #1002UV).
Note: All lithium coin cell batteries are marked on one side with a positive (+), the negative side has no markings

Item #311

A great multi-purpose light for around the home, in the garage or outdoors. (24-hour battery life)

North American Fishing Club and the North American Hunting Club

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