MasterVisionTM Cap Lights


The caplight is an essential tool for the professional and recreational outdoorsman, mechanic, hobbyist, or anyone who needs ultra-bright hands-free light.
MasterVisionTM G1 Cap LightThe Generation 1 is our first model developed.
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MasterVisionTM G2 Cap LightThe G2 is the second model and has up to 130 hours of light on a set of batteries!
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MasterVisionTM G3 Cap LightThe G3 is the third model and is fully rechargeable!
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MasterVisionTM G5 Cap LightThe G5 has an all new style!
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N-ritTM 5 LED Cap LightThis is our 5 LED Economy Model.
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MasterVisionTM G6 Cap LightThe G6 has an all new style!
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